The Foursome

The very best part of my job is the fact that I get to bear witness to ‘the foursome’.
Four golfers who week after week, at the same time, meet for hours of companionship, competition, exercise, good natured ribbing, and oh yes, they play a bit of golf as well.
Some Cordova Bay foursomes have held together steadfastly for 20 years or more. Their bonds are strong, so strong that missing a weekly game had better come with a reasonable excuse, such as “my daughter refused to get married in the afternoon” … or “I can’t wait another 8 months for hip surgery”.


It is my privilege to be a very small part of these interactions. I am inspired each and every week to greet members of the foursome. Inspired by their commitments to each other, the game of golf, the walk, the fresh air, the foursome stays forever young at heart.
Jim Goddard
Director of Golf