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People play golf for many different reasons. Whether you are new to golf or a seasoned player, the common thread for all is the desire to improve the enjoyment of playing a great and challenging game. Whatever time and effort you are pouring into your golf, you deserve the coaching and support of a trained golf professional. We offer a variety of instructional series and programs to get you down the fairway, onto the green and into the hole.

Brian Hann

PGA of Canada Member since 1987

Corey Lowe

PGA of Canada Member since 2010

Doug Mahovlic

PGA of Canada Member since 1972

Nate Ollis

PGA of Canada Member since 2017

Oskars Pavasars

PGA of Canada Member since 2018

Teaching Philosophy

Three principles guide our lesson programming.

1. Each individual’s physical capabilities.
2. Each individual's understanding of the golf swing and their learning style.
3. The golf club's influence on ball flight.

Our PGA of Canada Instructors ... Your Individual Program

Cordova Bay's Canadian PGA teaching professionals are dedicated to the great game of golf. Years of specialized learning, countless hours of seminars, serious study of the swing motion and mentoring from some of the world’s great teachers allows our teaching professionals to develop learning programs for students of all levels. We will personalize a program for you based on your learning style, your current ability, goals and the time you’re able to dedicate to those goals.

If you have the desire to have more fun playing golf our staff of teaching professionals at Cordova Bay are at your service.


Individual Lessons

Private individual lessons are best for those who want tailor-made instruction to achieve personal goals. Private lesson programs are designed entirely on a student-centered platform. The learning experience we offer includes evaluation of equipment, how it fits the individual and how it may affect the swing motion.

Individual (45 minute) Lesson
4 (45 minute) Lesson Program
7 (45 minute) Lesson Program
On Course Ridge (60 minute) Lesson
On Course Bay (90 minute) Lesson
Junior Golfers (under 18) receive a 20% discount from above pricing.

Next Level Coaching

For the golfer wanting to take their game to the next level, the competitive player and the beginner who desires to become a player. This one-on-one program will be developed by you and your coach with consideration of your skill level and your goals.

Next Level Coaching Components
– Physical assessment
– Equipment assessment and recommendations
– Goal development
– Equipment adjustments
– Game assessment
– Short Game assessment
– Putter fitting and recommendations
– Practice Plan development
– Course management Techniques and Strategies
– Mental game development
– Eight 45-minute private lessons and two 90-minute on-course "playing lessons"

Next Level Coaching


We can use the technology of Flightscope as the science in our clubfitting sessions, recommending only the clubs that enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Flightscope is a technical tool that measures two important factors that help us understand your golf swing. First, it measures the entire ball flight, right from impact to landing. It gives us readings on ball speed, spin rate, spin axis, distance, height and true distance. Second, it measures the club head through the impact zone and tells us your club face angle, path and speed. Flightscope is a staple in our clubfitting service and serves as a handy tool on the lesson tee.

Clubfitting Fee

Group Programming

Most monthly programs listed below are on going and can be taken more than one time. Golf takes repetition so we recommend students consider repeating programs.

Never touched a club before or intimidated by the idea of a golf course?
New to Golf: The Ridge Course

Comfortable with a par 3, but looking to graduate to a full sized course
Level 1: Golf Basics
Level 1: Learn to Play the Bay Course

Specialized Group Lessons
Girls Gone Golfing

Build Your Own Group
2 to 4 Friends
Custom Group Program

Lesson Updates
Bulletins/Updates for Current Group Programs

New to Golf: The Ridge Course Par 3

If you have never touched a golf club before, this program is for you! The purpose of this program is to take people who are interested in the game and give them the basics on how to get comfortable at a course! Golf can seem a bit intimidating at times and we are here to make it as easy as possible. Students will be given an opportunity to try playing on a single hole (can repeat as many times as desired in the time allotment) with no pressure while being guided by our trained staff.

All equipment is provided. Bring up to 4 friends and learn the game together!

Cost: $129 per person (2 to 4 players)
Duration: 4, 1 hour sessions
Location: Ridge Course @ Cordova Bay
Prerequisite: Good attitude
When: Tell us when your team is available and we will do our best to have a coach ready for you!

Level 1: Golf Basics

This program is designed to bridge the gap between playing a shorter par 3 and a full sized course. The program has a large focus on drivers and fairway woods that will allow you to navigate longer holes. Included in the program will be an equipment assessment (if you own clubs), or equipment recommendation (if you don't own clubs). This skills you learn here will be largely focused around getting the ball flying as far as possible!

Cost: $129 per person (2 to 4 players)
Duration: 4, 1 hour sessions
Location: Driving Range at Cordova Bay
Prerequisite: Some experience playing a par 3 course
When: Tell us when your team is available and we will do our best to have a coach ready for you!

Level 1: Learn to Play the Bay Course

Now that you have had an opportunity to play some par 3 courses and practice a bit at the driving range, you might be looking for a slightly longer course. This 4 week program will take you around our full sized championship golf course. It is designed to reduce the intimidation that can be felt by taking the leap and will take you through everything from how to make a tee time/checking in, to first tee jitters to playing at a decent pace.

Cost: $149 per person (2 to 4 players)
Duration: 4, 1 hour sessions
Location: Bay Course 9 @ Cordova Bay
Prerequisite: Comfortable playing Par 3s, Own clubs which includes a driver and fairway wood
When: After the last tee time of the day (typically 7pm most days). Bring your own group of 3 or 4 and let us what dates work for your team!

Girls Gone Golfing

Cordova Bay's Women Only learning program is designed to bring together the social aspect of golf into a fun, welcoming environment. Golf can seem daunting at times and we want to give all women an opportunity to experience the enjoyment of the game with like-mined people. Becoming comfortable while improving your golf doesn't happen over night. That's why this program is designed around having a weekly class for students to come ask questions, practice and learn with friends new and old.

Class time: 60 minutes
Week 1 - Range Introduction
Week 2 - Ridge on Course Learning
Week 3 - Short Game Practice @ The Ridge
Week 4 - Ridge on Course Learning
Week 5 - Range Follow up
Week 6 - Bay Course on Course(~1-2 hours*)

In addition to the weekly programming, we offer one private 45 minute lesson with your PGA of Canada professional (booked in at your convenience).

*coach will be following the group for a minimum of 60 minutes, but usually allocates more time

Classes start the week of April 20th! Pick a coach and join a team!

Cost: $249 per person (plus applicable taxes)

Build your own group

Have 2 to 4 friends you want to work on your games with together? Build your own group and book in with any instructor.

1 Lesson - $110
3 Lessons - $300
5 Lessons - $450
*prices are per group (plus tax)

Want a customized lesson program built beyond what you see above? Contact us and we would be happy to build one for you.

Junior Lessons

Level 1 Programs - Newer to golf, trying the sport out
SNAGsters (ages 5 - 6)
New to Golf Weekly Program (ages 7 - 12)
New to Golf Weekly Program (ages 13 - 16)

Level 2 Programs - Owns clubs, some experience hitting full swing shots
Learn to Play (ages 7 - 12)

Level 3 Junior Development Programs - Plays golf frequently, motivated to improve
Junior Development Program (ages 7 - 11)
Junior Development Program (ages 12 - 16)

Level 4 Junior Development Elite - Plays and practices multiple times weekly. Motivated and focused
Junior Development Elite: Team Cordova Bay

High School Golf
Claremont Sports Institute: Golf Academy

Lesson Updates
Facility Information for Weekly Junior Programming

Unsure about what program to join or don't see one that fits? Email Corey Lowe for a recommendation/custom program/assessment.

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Level 1:SNAGsters: Ages 5 - 6 and New to Golf: Ages 7 - 12, 13 to 16

September - November

This program is for Students:
Who are brand new to the game
Who like sports and want to try another sport
Who want to learn about golf, and need some time to develop fundamental athletic movements skills

$95 per Month for once per week
$179 per Month for twice per week

5 - 12 years old: Monday - 4 to 5pm
5 - 6 years old: Saturdays - 2 to 3pm
7 - 12 years old: Saturdays - 3 to 4pm
13 - 16 years old: Friday - 5:30 to 6:30pm

Students can register for the start of any month.

Level 2: Learn to Play: Ages 7 - 12

This program is for students who have some experience on the driving range, or have played a little bit before and want to become a golfer who can play solo, or with friends! During this program, we focus on:
-How to play the course and manage your way around a course
-How to take care of the course and others
-How to play in a timely fashion
-How to have friendly, age appropriate challenges
-How to have fun!

$95 per Month for once per week
$179 per Month for twice per week
Thursdays 5:30 - 6:30pm
Saturdays at 4 - 5pm

Level 3: Junior Development Program (7 - 11 years old)

September - November

Junior Development Series 7 – 11 years old
Typical student for this program will:
-Own their own clubs
-Familiar with the driving range
-Some experience on a Par 3 course

$179 per month
Optional Ridge Membership for $30 per month
Monday 5 to 6pm
Wednesday 4 to 5pm
Students can join at the start of any month.

Level 3: Junior Development Program (12-16 years old)

September - November

For students interested in taking their games to the next level. Students in this program should own their own golf clubs and come with some golf experience. Expectations are for students to be ready to focus and practice during class, and have fun when its time to compete with each other and play games!

Cost: $229 per month
Optional Ridge Membership for $30 per month
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 to 5:30pm

Students can join at the start of any month.

Level 4: Junior Development Elite - Team Cordova Bay

September - November

Typical student that would fit into Cordova Bay's most elite junior program:
-Plays and practices multiple times per week
-Can shoot in the 70s
-Possibly preparing for University/College
-Is comfortable with competition
-Is looking to learn how to become physically fit for high level golf

What Cordova Bay's Coaching team believes makes a good golfer great:
-On course learning
-Sports psych skill set
-Understand the process of skill acquisition
-Proper Practice

Too often students are focused on ONLY the technical aspects of the game and as a result have become underdeveloped in certain areas of the game.

Corey Lowe, Class A PGA of Canada
Nate Ollis, PGA of Canada
Dr. Ben Stebbins, TPI Certified, Doctor of Chiropractic

4 to 1 Student/Coach Ratio
Students are accepted by interview for this program.
Included with this program is a membership to play Cordova Bay Golf Course (when the program is running).
Junior Vikes Tour Membership and participation mandatory
On Course weekend coaching on course.
TPI Assessment and fitness plan

3 month commitment
$399 per month (reduce the cost by $60 for those who are already members of Cordova Bay)

Instructional Time
Wednesdays 5 - 6:30pm
Fridays 4 - 5:30pm

Claremont Golf Academy (14-16 years old)

As part of the high school curriculum, students of this program get to spend every week day at Cordova Bay Golf Course. Learning from the PGA of Canada professionals on staff, students start from the fundamentals of golf and work their way towards being prepared to join a university golf team if they choose to. Please contact Shon Ryan for more details by clicking the button below.

Dates: Five days a week during February and June.
Time: Last block of the day.