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Junior Development

Whether you are looking just start the game, or find a home to fine tune your skills, The Cordova Bay Junior Development program sees students from beginning to adulthood.

Having troubles figuring out what program your junior fits into? Please feel free to contact Corey and he would be happy to help guide you, or even set up a meeting.

June 1
Junior Classes are back! Cordova Bay's Junior Development Program run in small groups in accordance with the Provincial COVID-19 Response guidelines. Safety is our number one priority. That is why this year, we have limited classes to a maximum of 4 students.

Corey Lowe, PGA of Canada Class A

Teaching Professional, Head of Junior Golf

Nate Ollis, PGA of Canada

Teaching Professional, Elite Junior Specialist

Junior Development Programs

See below for the latest programs!

Summer Camp

When: Starting at the end of June

How long: 4 days, 9am to 12pm Weekly Camps

Where: Cordova Bay Ridge Course/Bay Course Driving Range

Who: Hosted by PGA of Canada Professional, Corey Lowe

Info:Maximum 4 to 1 student to instructor

For Who: Anyone between the ages of 8 and 12

Cost: $249 per student

Cordova Bay Junior Camps run in small groups in accordance with the Provincial COVID-19 Response guidelines. Safety is our number one priority. That is why this year, we have limited classes to a maximum of 4 students.

New to Golf: SNAGsters Ages 5 - 6

Class time: 60 minutes
Cost $99/Month
When: Mondays at 5:30 and/or Fridays at 4:30

You are probably wondering a little bit about what goes into a golf program, for 5, and 6 year olds. Here is a little preview of what you’ll be seeing:

-Movement, and lots of it.
-Oversized golf clubs hitting what appear to be tennis balls.
-Non golf games
-Time for creativity
-Organized Mayhem

With this in mind, our main goals in the program are:

-Learning about the course and how to care for it
-Building athletic/fundamental movements
-Create a love for golf and have an interest to explore it further (for some it may be right away, for some it might be down the line where they remember golf being cool)

Level 1: Drive, Chip, Putt Ages 7 - 12

Class time: 30 minutes, can sign up for multiple classes
$50 per session/month

Step one for most juniors is to first learn basic golf skills before heading on course. Our program breaks these skills down into 3 categories: Drive, Chip, Putt.

Students can register for 30 minute classes based on the skill they need to work on. Passed each category they get to graduate to our Level 2: Learn to Play program!

For some students, it may take months/years of class to become proficient enough to graduate. All athletes progress at their own pace and we are here to encourage them as they develop. We expect this and recommend students continue to register throughout the year to acquire the skills they need to hit the course!

Level 1: Girls ONLY Golf Ages 7 - 13

Class time: 60 mins
Cost: $99/Month
When: Fridays @ 5:30pm

Sometimes a barrier for junior girls looking to take up the game is not always golf related. Sometimes it is not having the right atmosphere and feeling part of a team of people who are similar minded. The Girls ONLY Golf program is designed around making sure the learning environment is both fun and has a large focus on making new friends.

Level 2: Learn to Play Ages 7 - 13

Class time: 60 minutes
Cost $99/Month
Course: Cordova Bay Ridge Course
When: Wednesdays at 6 and/or Thursdays at 5:30

This program is for students who have some experience on the driving range, or have played a little bit before and want to become a golfer who can play solo, or with friends! During this program, we focus on:
-How to play the course and manage your way around a course
-How to take care of the course and others
-How to play in a timely fashion
-How to have friendly, age appropriate challenges
-How to have fun!

Level 3: Junior Development Ages 7 - 12

Class time: 2 x 60 minutes/week
Cost: $189/Month
When: Mondays & Wednesdays 4pm

Typical student for this program will:
-Own their own clubs
-Familiar with the driving range
-Some experience on a Par 3 course

$189 per month
Optional Ridge Membership for $30 per month

Level 3: Junior Development Ages 12 - 16

Class time: 2 x 90 minutes/week
Cost: $249/ month Optional Ridge Membership for $30/ month
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm

For students interested in taking their games to the next level. Students in this program should own their own golf clubs and come with some golf experience. Expectations are for students to be ready to focus and practice during class, and have fun when its time to compete with each other and play games!

Level 4: Junior Development Elite Ages 13 - 18

Ages 13 - 18
April - June

This program is designed for athletes looking to seriously improve their own game and are willing to put in the time to learn and practice.

Typical student that would fit into Cordova Bay's most elite junior program:
-Plays and practices multiple times per week
-Can shoot in the 70s
-Possibly preparing for University/College, CJGA events, National Events
-Is comfortable with competition

Program Goals and Outcomes:
-Personalized tournament preparation
-University style competition within training and practice
-1 on 1 instruction during class
-Give students measurable to both improve their scoring and swing

This program includes 3+ hours per week of analysis and coaching
-2 x 90 min coaching sessions per week with Corey Lowe at Cordova Bay Golf Course
-Once per month swing analysis with Jason Giesbrecht at the Golf Performance Project
-Team clothing

4 to 1 student to coach ratio

This program has a 3 month commitment, billed monthly.

$499 per month

Claremont High School Golf Academy

Grades 9 - 12, Students of Claremont High School
Feb - June
Last block of each day, students come to Cordova Bay and learn golf during school time.

Program Director - Shon Ryan, Saanich Schools PE

Program Lead Golf Professional - Corey Lowe, PGA of Canada