COVID19 Information | Cordova Bay Golf Course

COVID 19 Information


Please be assured that the golf course remains open for play and that not much has changed around here. We are certain that golf remains a safe activity and are confident that our safety protocols have created a safe environment at the course.

However, we need YOU to redouble your efforts to avoid social gathering. Please, please, DO NOT show up more than 20 minutes ahead of tee time. We will be much more rigid in enforcing this policy. Please DO NOT proceed to the driving range or first tee until invited by the starter.

We will be reviewing and redoubling our Covid-19 safety plan. Employees will be implored to monitor themselves on a daily basis and stay home if they show any symptoms. We ask you to do the same.
In compliance with the order, all customers and staff will be required to wear masks while indoors. So, if you need to enter the clubhouse, please come prepared with a mask. NOTE: The outdoor check-in option will remain in place.

With respect to hosting your foursome in the 19th hole ... we ask YOU to follow the instructions for indoor dining in restaurants.

The order does not directly impact restaurants and bars. Restaurants and bars can continue to operate as long as they have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and employee protocols in place. However, patrons are reminded to only visit a restaurant with people in their households or core bubble.

Remember, a maximum of six people at a table and no movement between tables

WorkSafeBC will be conducting inspections to verify that COVID-19 Safety Plans remain effective. Restaurants that are noncompliant with plan requirements may face orders and fines, and possible referral to public health which may result in a closure order.
Use your COVID SENSE and ensure we can all enjoy the escape @CordovaBay. Masks are required at all times when not seated at your table

We require names for all players in your booking. Players whose names are not on the tee sheet, will not be granted access to the facility.
Players must read the Safety Protocols included in the confirmation, specifically arrival time and outline of the services currently available.

The pro shop is open. The shop will have only the essentials as it relates to retail items but will be the home base to those requiring Pull Cart rentals or Practice balls for a pre-game warm up.

The following options are available:
Warm Up – small baskets of 15 balls will be available for $2. Three stalls adjacent to the 1st tee will be reserved for pre-game warm up. Access will only be available to the range will be from the 1st tee side.
Practice – Those wishing to work at their game will be able to reserve a space on the range. Range time reservations can be made by calling the pro shop 250-658-4444. Spaces are reserved for 1 player. Spectators/Guests will not be allowed.
Our range will be open from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm daily. Reservations are a minimum 30 minutes in length and maximum 60 minutes. Cost is $20 / hour and $12 / 30 minutes.
Please note at this time, Range Keys remain suspended. Range keys do not expire.


The Ridge Course is open by reservation only. Times may be booked online or by phone at 2506584444. The PARC Short Game Area is also open by reservation only. The Ridge clubhouse is open for post round drinks and packaged snacks only. Seating at our 5 tables is limited to 45 minutes.
There will be no drop-in play accepted. Only players with pre-booked times will be granted access by the gate attendant. Players will be granted access only 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time.
The hours of operation at the Ridge Course will be:
Monday – Friday 9am – 3:30pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am – 3:30 pm
No club rentals or pull carts are available

The Cordova Bay COVID-19 Worksafe plan may be found at: