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with a good walk.

Continuous Improvement

We are serious. Whether it be cultural practices, bunker redesign, tree removal, or new teeing grounds, Cordova Bay is continually looking for ways to improve the experience for the scratch player and beginner alike.

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The Community of Golf

2020 is behind us. A year none of us will soon forget. After making the very difficult decision to close the course back in the spring, so much has happened that it seems like 8 years, not 8 months. On behalf of all of us at Cordova Bay, I would like to take this time […]

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december, 2021

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Unique. Fun. Thrilling.

Cordova Bay is a golf course where conditions are something between pretty darn good, and almost perfect. But we'll let you, the golfer, make that call. At Cordova Bay, the course tour might tell you how to hit your approach, but will also give you life tips you can use forever (see right).

We don't mind being irreverent. After all, golf is meant to be a four-hour experience with friends that where catching up, hitting the occasional good shot, and enjoying yourself in an incredible setting is key.

fun fact #1

Laurie Carroll (1929-2018), Cordova Bay's first Director of Golf owned and operated a Par 3 Course and Driving Range on the land between the current 18th and 9th fairways. Doug Grove (1929-2017), Starter Supreme was his sidekick! Both gentleman were great cheerleaders and ambassadors for Cordova Bay Golf Course. Neither will ever be forgotten.