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with a good walk.

Great Walk. Great Golf.

Not to mention we are the undisputed best golf course on Cordova Bay Road. A golf course accessible to all, it features stunning views of Haro Strait and Mount Baker, boasts spectacular horticulture, and is open year-round. Book your tee time today!

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april, 2024

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Unique. Fun. Thrilling.

Cordova Bay is a golf course where conditions are something between pretty darn good, and almost perfect. But we'll let you, the golfer, make that call. At Cordova Bay, the course tour might tell you how to hit your approach, but will also give you life tips you can use forever (see right).

We don't mind being irreverent. After all, golf is meant to be a four-hour experience with friends that where catching up, hitting the occasional good shot, and enjoying yourself in an incredible setting is key.

fun fact #1

Cordova Bay's coaches have more than 175 years combined experience teaching golf. It is safe to say, we have seen it ALL!