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Ladies' Club

The Ladies' Club at Cordova Bay Golf Course is a thriving community, and we are growing every year. Whether you've been here since the inception of the golf course, back in '91, or you've just signed up, there's always a welcome from a group dedicated to inclusiveness and comradeship.

This section of the website is dedicated to all things relating to your Ladies' Club. You'll find detailed information on tournaments, interclub, weekly competitions, the Race to Crown Isle, and much more.



The Women's Club at Cordova Bay offers a number of tournaments throughout the year. See the list below for a look at what has happened and what is coming up!

February 24, 2019
Scottish Foursomes
Cancelled - Snow
March 26, 2019
Spring Meeting
April 2, 2019
First Ladies' Day
April 23, 2019
Swing Into Spring
May 18, 2019
Fosters Cup Registration Deadline
May 18, 2019
Black and White
Match Play
June 25, 2019
Summer Solstice
Member Guest
July 23, 2019
Summer 6-6-6
September 13, 2019
Club Championship Ridge Social
Social Event
September 14, 2019
Club Championship Round 1
Stroke Play
September 15, 2019
Club Championship Round 2
Stroke Play

The 2018 Race to Crown Isle

How do you qualify for this weekend golf trip? Work on Your Game!

1. Two winners will be the 2017 recipients of the Suzie Berry Award and the Handicap Reduction Award. If they are unable to go, the spot would go to the runner up of each award.

2. Six winners will be chosen based on their Stableford scores. There will be two eight week sessions where your best 5 of 8 Stableford scores will count. The Pro shop will calculate your Stableford scores from your Ladies Day scorecards.

The sessions run from May 2 - June 20 and July 4 - August 22. If these qualifiers are unable to go, the spot will go to the next in the rankings. Three winners will be chosen from each session.

3. Two winners will be chosen in a random draw. To qualify for the draw a player must have participated in THREE of the Ladies Club events:

- Spring Meeting
- Swing into Spring
- Black and White
- 6-6-6
- Summer Solstice
- Club Championship