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Men's Club

The Men's Club at Cordova Bay Golf Course is a thriving community, more than 500 strong. Whether you've been here since the inception of the golf course, back in '91, or you've just signed up, there's always a welcome from a group dedicated to inclusiveness and comradeship.

This section of the website is dedicated to all things relating to your Men's Club. You'll find detailed information on tournaments, Interclub, Men's Night, the Matticks Cup Series, and much more.

Pictured is the Men's Club Board of Directors for 2021.

Back Row: Paul Snider (Club Captain), Ed Van Dyk (Interclub Director), Murray Scharf (Communications Director)
Front Row: Bruce Tuck (President), Ken Halcro (Treasurer), Brennan Philips (Secretary), Dave Brar (Handicap Director)



Cordova Bay is home to a number of regular fixtures throughout the year. We love to organize fun, competitive tournaments for our members. Below you will find information about past and upcoming tournaments. The dates outlined below for the 2021 season are subject to change.

February 7, 2021
Valentines Massacre
2-Man Best Ball
March 14, 2021
Shamrock Open
2-Man 6-6-6
April 4, 2021
Bay Classic (TPS)
April 18, 2021
Senior Masters (TPS)
May 16, 2021
Spring Classic (TPS)
June 6, 2021
Summer Swing
4-Man Team
July 4, 2021
30 Odd Years Invitational
2-Man Best
July 24, 2021
Men's Club Championship - Round 1 (TPS)
July 25, 2021
Men's Club Championship - Round 2 (TPS)
August 22, 2021
Senior Club Championship - Round 1 (TPS)
August 23, 2021
Senior Club Championship - Round 2 (TPS)
September 12, 2021
The Gordie
October 17, 2021
Autumn Leaves
2-Man 6-6-6
November 7, 2021
Last Chance/AGM (TPS)