No Spring Aeration

 Watch Dean Piller,  Cordova Bay's Grounds Superintendent talk about DIRT. Really, it is interesting!

Aerated greens:  A convenient excuse for 3 putting, but an annoyance never the less.  Cordova Bay is fortunate to  have Dean Piller as our Master of All Things Green.   Dean was named 2010 Superintendent of the Year by the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association but as you can see in this video, he's also a fun-guy! (Sorry, gardening joke) Not only that, his understanding of the science and art of keeping the greens means that there will be no holes in ours this spring ... consequently, no excuse for 3 putts. Dean guarantees it!

Better yet, we'll let Dean tell you in his own words...



new tool

What exactly is the "new tool" and who makes it ? How much top dressing after "spiking' ?

Great video and improvements to the course

Way to go Dean! Great video and improvements to the course.

green video

I appreciated the video. It is good that the course is being maintained using the newest technology. However, you have now removed my favourite excuse for three puts