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Brian Hann
Lead Teaching

Doug Mahovlic
Doug Mahovlic
Teaching Professional

Corey Lowe
Teaching Professional

Nate Ollis  

People play golf for many different reasons, yet whether you are new to golf or a seasoned player, the common thread for all is the desire to improve.  Whatever time and effort you are pouring into your golf deserves the input and support of a trained golf professional.  We offer a variety of plans, series and programs to get you down the fairway, onto the green and into the hole.  

Teaching Philosophy

Three principles guide all our lesson programs:
   Each individual’s physical capabilities.
   Each individual's understanding of the golf swing and their learning style.
   The golf club's influence on ball flight.

Our PGA of Canada Instructors ... Your Individual Program 

Cordova Bay's Canadian PGA teaching professionals are dedicated to the great game of golf. Years of specialized learning, countless hours of seminars, serious study of the swing motion and mentoring from some of the world’s great teachers allows our teaching professionals to develop learning programs for students of all levels. We will personalize a program for you based on your learning style, your current ability, goal and the time you’re able to dedicate to those goals.

If you have the desire to have more fun playing golf our staff of teaching professionals at Cordova Bay are at your service.

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