Spring Blooms

This spring welcomes many new changes to the Cordova Bay Golf Course. Work is being done all around the property to prepare for a quickly approaching busy and exciting season. 

As we reach the 25th anniversary of the Bay course, the horticultural team is working hard to make the gardens really shine.  



The duty of a gardener is to find a balance between tending to established, maturing material while always looking for opportunities to introduce new ideas. The careful selection of trees, shrubs and perennials over the decades has laid the groundwork for our current team. When choosing new plants, our decisions are often based on what has been tried before and what is thriving here now. 

I turn to Mattick's Farm's courtyard as an example of the old and the new, working together to form a stunning display. The 'Galaxy' Magnolia trees peek over the tops of the buildings with their deep pink, saucer flowers. These trees look almost alien without their foliage, but the sparse branches allow us to admire the magnificent flowers without distraction. 

Planted below these gems are three 'Alice' Rhododendrons.  We know rhodos to be successful here at Cordova Bay and these specific rhodos were selected for their large clusters of rose-pink flowers.  

After the magnolias have finished for the season, these rhodos will show off their beautiful flowers along with two different varieties of fuchsias also planted in this bed.


Spring reminds us what we have missed over the winter. Whether you are returning to the course or you played all winter, take time now to notice the changes that spring has brought. New blooms tucked here and there, as well as new plants thoughtfully placed. Before you know it summer will be upon us, so let's relish in the fresh spring blossoms while they last.


Emily Richardson