Membership at Cordova Bay Golf Course

It's always around this time of year that we get our toughest request: "Tell me about membership at Cordova Bay."

It's tough because every golfer has a different sets of needs and wants.  There's options for the golfer that golfs 4 times a week (I can feel the collective jealousy) and options for those that golf every 4 weeks.  There's even league play that adds another dynamic to our offerings that we provide our players.

We make it appear hard on ourselves intentionally because we want to provide everyone with a chance to be a part of the little family we've got going here. It's a unique little family - a bit odd, perhaps, but a whole lot of fun.

Making things clear as mud is our very own Director of Golf, Jim Goddard

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We're so organized this year (I know, I know, wonders never cease) that our Summer League details are ready.  You can find those  by clicking here..

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