Spoil yourself

with a good walk.

"A golf course with character."

What does this mean? It means Cordova Bay is unique, and has its own charm. It is a golf course in Victoria that will capture your attention from the moment you enter the property until you finish your first round. And it is run by staff that love their course and the game of golf, but don't take themselves too seriously.

Members adore Cordova Bay, and the public are thrilled to have access to it. It is truly accessible to all. After all, everyone should be able to play a great golf course.

Club News

The Foursome

The very best part of my job is the fact that I get to bear witness to ‘the foursome’. Four golfers who week after week, at the same time, meet for hours of companionship, competition, exercise, good natured ribbing, and oh yes, they play a bit of golf as well. Some Cordova Bay foursomes have […]

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may, 2018

23may4:00 pm6:00 pmIDIM Golf TournamentCorporate golf and dinner

25may1:30 pm8:00 pmBC Supreme CourtIt's your honour your honour

Unique. Fun. Thrilling.

Cordova Bay is a golf course where conditions are something between pretty darn good, and almost perfect. But we'll let you, the golfer, make that call. At Cordova Bay, the course tour might tell you how to hit your approach, but will also give you life tips you can use forever (see right).

We don't mind being irreverent. After all, golf is meant to be a four-hour experience with friends that where catching up, hitting the occasional good shot, and enjoying yourself in an incredible setting is key.

fun fact #1


An Australian golfer has been jailed after drunkenly stabbing his best friend in a near-fatal incident.

The Herald Sun reports that the day started with three friends — Matthew McKay, Simon Mudd, and Shaun Peterson — drinking and watching boxing on television before heading to Broadford Golf Course just north of Melbourne.

The dispute arose over McKay’s behavior. The 31-year-old was damaging greens, "scratching one with a flag and stomping golf balls into another." But when his friends insisted he stop, McKay headed to the parking lot, where he returned with a Smith and Wesson switchblade.

Peterson was the target of McKay’s first knife swing before he turned to Mudd, driving the knife into his left thigh. The blade hit an artery and Mudd immediately began to sustain serious blood loss. He was airlifted to a hospital for a blood transfusion and emergency surgery, arriving at the hospital "minutes